2 More Supports confirmed for Thomas Truax this Saturday!


Two more supports added to the Thomas Truax Show this Saturday so it is now going to be a right Banger!

Stage Times
Thomas Truax: 22:15 – Close
Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers: 21:30 – 22:00
Grant K Fennel: 20:45 – 21:10
Esper Scout:  20:00 – 20:30

Grant K Fennell

Esper Scout
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Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama
So we have whacked the awesome Vasco Da Gama on the bill for Big Trouble in British Wildlife. and here’s a special page about them!

One local blog quipped that if “instruments could smile, the guitars of Vasco Da Gama would have grins as wide as the Mersey.” The four piece band’s angular melody driven sound combines pop melodrama with avant-garde experimental guitar music that translates into another master class of art-rock. 

Alongside their obvious ear for a catchy tune, there are nods to the off-kilter time signatures and experimental rhythms of local heroes Hot Club De Paris, the hulking crescendocore of Explosions In The Sky, and the musical versatility and competence of The Mars Volta. 
The Fly – “Indubitably awesome”
Rock Sound – “This Liverpool four-piece could turn some heads in 2013”
Musical Mathematic – “It’s almost inevitable that Vasco Da Gama are going to be a big deal. Watch out for them in your town soon!” 
Their compelling and accomplished live shows have so far won them support slots with Los Campesinos!, Tall Ships, Dutch Uncles, Tera Melos, Adebisi Shank, This Town Needs Guns and Errors, as well as a prestigious slot on the Big Scary Monsters showcase at last year’s Liverpool Sound City Festival. Couple this with radio plays and support from Tom Robinson at BBC6 Music, Dave Monks at BBC Merseyside and the bastion of all things new and exciting that is Amazing Radio, it’s starting to look like the band might follow in the footsteps of their namesake and embark on a very exciting journey.

Thomas Truax – The Fenton – 27/04/13

British Wildlife Presents…
Thomas Truax
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Saturday 27th April 2013
The Fenton
Woodhouse Lane

Plus Supports

Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers
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Absolutely honoured to announce that Thomas Truax will be returning to Leeds in April for a very special performance at the Fenton, a venue that I have not put on shows at for a number of years, which is as exciting as it is rather nerve wracking! expect an extrmely decent poster to come out of my mind very shortly, also some confirmation of some brilliant support acts!

Thomas Truax, travels the world with his collection of self-made instruments including his legendary ‘Hornicator’.

Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) travels the world singing into a contraption he invented called ‘The Hornicator’. Constructed on the shell of a junk gramophone horn it resembles something that might have been dreamt up by Dr. Seuss. He taps out live rhythm loops, plucks assorted strings, springs and attached noisemakers, building a backdrop of layered hypnotic sounds on top of which come some of the most striking stories about clones, butterflies, dogs, technology, loneliness, and other beautiful and sad things. Splendid magazine called him “one of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you’ve never heard of…an exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison, yet fairly accessible even to casual listeners.”

His acclaimed full length albums ‘Audio Addiction’, ‘Full Moon Over Wowtown’ and ‘Why Dogs Howl At The Moon’ are available on Psycho Teddy/Real Time and SL records, as are a handful of singles and compilation tracks.

Born an illigitimate son of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, as a young man Thomas attempted to build a synthesizer out of an old radio. He put on magic shows and made stop-motion animated films with a Super 8 camera. He has done mandatory day-job time as an animator on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch and Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken. Time travelling with the Toby Tyler Circus inspired him towards a career in show business. His acclaimed rock noir trio Like Wow toured and released several CDs, but Thomas grew frustrated with a seemingly endless line of drummers with strange misconceptions of rehearsal times. He finally decided to build his own motorized mechanical drummer and ‘go solo’.
‘Sister Spinster’ is a variable speed, proudly pre-digital ‘Flintstones-era drum machine’ that features spoked wheels and percussive parts which can be readjusted between songs to create different rhythms. Newer instruments include The Stringaling, Mother Superior, and the Backbeater, a rhythm wheel made to be worn on the back, which Thomas promises will eventually also double as a mechanism for flight. He has no engineering background and while constructing these inventions has repeatedly subjected himself to inadvertent electrical shocks which he claims have stimulated his creativity and expanded his vocal range.

Wowtown is a surreal place from which some of the characters and events in Thomas’s songs originate. He’s been writing The Wowtown News, an email newsletter that he sends to a long list of faithful subscribers, for many years, and did a season of audio versions which broadcast weekly on London’s Resonance FM station. These are now available as free podcasts via itunes or http://www.pmpmusic.co.uk/

“Inventive and Romantic” -TimeOut

“Beguilingly Bizarre” -Uncut “Genius.” -NME

“Thomas Truax is not of this earth…I still can’t think of a single show I’ve seen that was as beguiling or as charming or as plain bananas as this one.”

-AlexKirk, Gigwise.com

Zea / Bad Guys / Bilge Pump / Mucky Sailor Mega Show!

Evening, so, not my own gig but I whole heartedly agree with it! Love the idea of having a gig on two levels, as much as those stairs are a ball ache with crutches, see you down the front!

Hippie Octopus Presents…

<<<<<<<<< DOWNSTAIRS BAR >>>>>>>>>


A steaming pile of noise, hair, synths and teeth.

BAD GUYS (London)

<<<<<<<<<< UPSTAIRS BAR >>>>>>>>>




Hippie Octopus DJs play:

Tame Impala, David Bowie, Wolf People, BRMC, Can, Deerhunter, Diiv, Sonic Youth, Animal Collective, Black Lips, The Kills, My Morning Jacket, Toy, Goat, Clinic, Broadcast, Splashh, Crocodiles, Bo Ningen, The Kinks, Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Pond, Iggy Pop, The Doors, Sonic Youth, Turbo Fruits, Wooden Shjips, Ty Segall, Nobunny, Jacuzzi Boys, Harlem, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Black Lips, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, College, The Mantles, Metz…

DOORS @ 7pm
£5 Entry

Santiago Bar 
1-3 Grand Arcade
LS1 6PG Leeds
Phone: 0113 244 4472
Email: santiagosbarleeds@gmail.com
Website: http://www.twitter.com/santiagosleeds

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Big Trouble in British Wildlife

British Wildlife & Hyde & Seek Presents…
Saturday 4th May 2013
Big Trouble in British Wildlife
The Pack Horse
3pm | £4.50 adv (MOTD)
or £1 otd w/ Live at Leeds Wrisband

On the 4th May we are doing something rather special. As a collaboration with the Pack Horse and Hyde and Seek we are sticking on a shit ton of awesome bands, You can get tickets in advance here, here and here, also, join the Facebook Event. If the weather is awesome we’re also thinking about getting the BBQ going, so get involved!

Stage Times:
Main Stage

20:30 CANAYA
19:30 CATTLE

15:30 UNWAVE

Larper’s Stage



Aeroplane Flies High (Liverpool)
Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Warm Widow (Manchester)
Bearfoot Beware
Super Luxury
Two Trick Horse

Bong Couldron
Vasco Da Gama
City Yelps



Monday 15th April 2013
Brudenell Social Club (Free Entry)
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Returning with their second album, London noise-rock trio Comanechi are preparing to lay waste to St. Valentine with the ferocious ‘You Owe Me Nothing But Love’. Expanding to a three-piece with the addition of drummer Charlie – who joins former The Big Pink and PRE star Keex (vocals/drums/guitar) and Simon (guitar/bass) – the new album follows their unrelenting and wildly acclaimed debut ‘Crime Of Love’, dripping with the primordial ooze of the trio’s beloved noise, metal and punk forebears.

The album features this summer’s comeback single ‘Major Move’ (released through Gossip’s Fast Weapons label), plus 11 new tracks of barbarous punk rock. The centrepiece is eight-minute-long ‘Patsy’, an unmitigated and darkly punishing takedown of its target.

Comanechi took a different approach to songwriting on ‘You Owe Me…’, spending time outside the rehearsal room working on developing their rough-and-ready assaultive ideas into concise, exacting statements, expanding their cannon with almost-ballad ‘Into the Air’ and the black metal-laced ‘Death Threat’. Most vitally, they never forget that their strengths lie in the gleefully primitive guitar grind and tribal, instinctive drumming that form the crux of their powers.

In 2012 they played live with The Drums, Gossip and Dum Dum Girls.

Supported by …

5-piece improv noise rock from Newcastle. Waheela emit a sound not unlike the stony cataclysmic void ensuing from a distant asteroid field. Beyond the physical boundaries there lies a faint but hectic echo of clattering events, flurries of frequencies and mind shattering consequences. Waheela take you inward to the chasms of your mind through feedback, psych drones and razor sharp wails.
If you like Krautrock combined with heavier tones, electronics and screamed vocals Waheela are for you.

Check out their soundcloud for loads of sweet live recordings and stuff:

Noise Rock 3-piece from Leeds. Bass. Drums. Voice.
Get the EP here:

+ HIS HUMAN TORSO (cardiff)
“His Naked Torso isa outpour of stutter, awkwards and confuspeak. A theatre of da absurd. Relish in harsh tonals, dumb-dumb strateg, meatflesh, da internet pervers, yet celebrat just howa doo-doo up and bombad weesa real is. Afrikaans isa restless and staccato, punctuat with sound collage and far reach, disturb and ultimata, maxibig of funny-funny. Post coital guilt, which one da yousa internal voices to trust and da idea of mortality from da perspective of a gnat.”


A massive big fat thank you Nathan Clark and all the staff at the Brudenell Social Club, Sound Engineers Trev Baines, Pete Devine, Steve Myles and Simon, Nick Simcock, Suzy Mattocks, Sarah Valentine, Chris Riviera, Thom Bradley, Ric Vowden, Mike Osborne, Henry Myers, Gem Prout (for the cakes!), Andy Crow, Eve Townend, Hawk Eyes, Mahogany Hand Glider, Mucky Sailor, Dan Beesley & The SSSSS, Blacklisters, Peter Wright, Hank Haint, That Fucking Tank, Nope, Elizabeth, Apostille, Bearfoot Beware, Falenizza Horsepower, Thee MVPs, Silent Front, T.O.Y.S, Please, Cowtown, Godzilla Black, Monster Killed By Laser, Black Moth, Bilge Pump, Sly & The Family Drone, Yugoslavian Boys, Super Luxury, Klaus Kinski, Shields, Shield Your Eyes, Galaxians. It was Amazing!!!!

Onwards! xxxx

Mahogany Hand Glider

Mahogany Hand Glider
Facebook | Bandcamp | Exclusive Video

Mahogany Hand Glider Will be opening up British Wildlife Festival this year, This video, filmed upstairs at The Library Pub in Leeds back in November 2012 by Jonathan Duffin of Miranda’s Dream (who also collaborated with the band on their video for “This Isn’t Funny Anymore”). will convince you to pop your head in early! 

Their new EP ‘Terrain Station’ is an epic piece evoking “imagery of interstellar travel and cosmic discovery”, an awesome theme that the band has heavily explored in the making of this EP due out in early May on Destroy All Records.